Freakazoid Skeleton (cont.)


When our mouths reveal the language,

Then we mutter under our breath?

As our eyes interpret the converse,

Are we reveled in our jest?

Are we looking for reaction

When we spit out our discern.

Is the smitten of another

The challenge that we yearn?

When we opinionated our reasons,

Are we shedding our disguise?

As we shout at one another,

Are we the victor in our eyes?

No one’s ever right, right now,

When everyone is always wrong.

Why do we combat with opinion

While the other drops a bomb.

Are we looking out for each other?

Or trying to stand alone?

Do we even give a FUCK.

When the winds in our minds are blown.

All religion is the game.

That grass will never win.

The world remains the same

And the roaches only grin.

Have we not learned from the past

As the cliché’ comes around.

For we’re not smarter than the EARTH

What have we learned from beneath the ground.

We all die just like nature.

And MAN is natural too.

Although we mostly forget our lineage

And that MAN began askew.


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