Freakazoid Skeleton…

Transaction- and problems solved.

The flow through your hands evolved.

And the work is over timed.

One swipe through, your time begins.

A debit has been paid.

Weekly expense and monthly accrue.

Bonus charge if delayed.

Where does it all go?

The flurry in and the flurry out.

How so much is on the line.

You can’t trade for goods any more.

Even for a trade in time.

Haggle, Haggle, cost and deficit.


Reflection so dreary and abundant, so clear.
A hiss of primeval , abnorm, and surreal.

The taste is so deafening, discolored an ordeal.

A haunting of ritual, still taunting the unreal.

Which cradled the psyche, the mind, the appeal.

Where the dead and the living conjured the deal.



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