Freakazoid Skeleton…


Gone- and then- came back again.

Still torn from the strangeness that I lend.

I’m still runnin away- from the spaces I’ve betrayed.

Here and there again and I’m so exclusive.

Now and then again I’ve been so reclusive- from YOU

And there’s no one turning around.

We’ve seen most of our past, keeps going.

Once we know the future there’s never any slowing-


I’m still tryin to say, that life’s to short to hate.

Now and then and again, we’re so confusing.

How and there and again, it’s just amusing- to YOU

And then there’s someone on the ground.

I’ve been gone- and then came back again.

You’re gone- and you’ll come back again

We’ve gone- and we’ll come back again

So long- and we’ll come back again.

Our turn, and we’ll come back again

We’ve learned, that it’s painful coming back… again.


Is there the beginning of time?

And if there is was it as sublime.

Was the oil sludge our overnight brine?

And still this day we drink it like fine wine.

Why do we exclude ourselves from the natural Earth.

All the wonders that took place since our birth.

What is the price of our existence really worth?

As the natural human disaster takes mirth.

We’re the Unnatural Natural Man.

Surviving is the factory plan.

Our selfishness of the Earth is a sham

We’d better use our minds while we still can.

There’s nothing here but water and land.

We’re the Unnatural Natural Man.





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