Freakazoid Skeleton…


It seems that we’ve been here before.

Over and over what a bore.

There no reasons for this ride.

With different people by my side.

All these illusions come to me- like delusional astronomy.

I could fall and throw right on back.

Everlasting fieldstone track.

Should I quiver in the snow.

Maybe, possible, I don’t know.

Then the autumn falls again.

And soon…I’m there with a strange new friend.

Is it time to reconcile. Awhile, I’ll smile at this slow time trial.

I’m on a lake that has an Indian name.

The glare from the sun on the water speaks the same.

There’s a Raven in the tree that I can’t see.

I call out to see that the Raven is me.

I try to fly away but I have to stay

This life I must play through today.

Weak in the knees, the trees, the wicked breeze.

Hearing the autumn fall. Like the leaves that squall.

Like the time we saw. The river run raw.

We had a blast out on the open flight.

Your daisies drew wilted memories on the account that we tripped.

Our touch and then we fled into the distant games of our minds.

Birds in their hover, the fields black, specked in movement.

I’ve waited a long time to discover- my glory unselfishly.

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