Freakazoid Skeleton…


Catch your energy on the return trip.

For you’ll need all your will during.

You seek the journey to fullfill your empty thoughts.

To reassure that it’s truly something to see.

An existence that makes you feel that your search is for an ultimate pleasure.

Never being able to explain the timelessness into words.

No one will ever be able to see it unless they journey.

The photographs are just a tease in the world you roamed.

Some may show an extraordinary discovery.

Yet still the feeling is woeful to the uninvited guest that can only dream.

Like what you did before you departed.

What a thrill it is to be gone without going.

What is the day when we’re inside.

You stand up and I feel your drive.

We fall into the room and come alive.

Waking up to the echos we cried.

I’m trying. Talking.

The shadows loom free down the hallway.

Full of desires that are filled with mystery.

A pulse and heavy breaths coiled with fever.

The darkness withers like the calmness of a lake’s morning surface.

Scared and timeless.

An ancient rhythm or rhyme chants worship.

The words are plenty but the meaning is bullshit.

Hordes in the city with the same shit sold in the garage sale.

Her mentioning of a promise that once was sacred.

Please, I’m feeling obscure- sardonic.

Called morning only to hear a busy line filled in with the heavy day.

Birds fly hush with their flutter.

Eyes raised and tortured. Hey Brother, I’ve found me.

Open air cave. Climbing. Chanting.



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