Freakazoid Skeleton…


I never thought I ever see the day.

Happy as a horse in hay.

Long ago when my mind ran fast.

I couldn’t wait to run on past.

I climbed on over the many hills.

Trying to get so many thrills.

Blindness kept holding me back.

Even when I’d pull in the slack.

I took a while to finally see.

The entire world in front of me.

She jolted me right around.

Made me put my feet on the ground.

Held my head up to the sky.

Showed me all the reasons for why.

Brought me strength when I was weak.

In the darkness, black as a raven’s beak.

She gave me inspiration, my thoughts were a fire.

Temptations that fed my unyielding desire.

I knew that now I was never alone.

I knew that finally after all this time…

I was home.



Telephone rings- answer- Yeah all right. Yep- all right.

Bye. Hang up.

Listen to words, the moist reverberation.

She shattered the silent dream with the cold sorrows in her visions.

Mesmerized by the journeys in her eyes.

The wet reflection in her tears.

Fresh flowers sent before they died.

A smile that creates the wonder of her revolt.

Dogs sleep in a ball in the corner.

The morning brought birds calling to the hot mold of controversy.

Let’s hide in the temple ruins.

Let’s belong to the myths that wrap the perimeter in its swollen mystery.

The warriors and their dead are the pages in time to recall on and worship.

The forbidden rituals, these monsters eclipse the awakenings that haunt the imaginations.




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