Freakazoid Skeleton…


Hey now I’m standing here gathering all the leftovers from the past.

To guide myself and my next toward the unknown and infinite task.

And what you’ve said and done has inspired my thoughts to ask.

If I have the courage to move forward and will my strength last.

The path is made of knee pounding stones.

The terrific sun is the desire.

On the last stretch the fear beckons and moans.

And the morning shines the warm fire.

Hey now I’m on my highest hilltop horizon, viewing existence.

Wasting time, waiting for the reasons that will never be resolved .

And I remember that all you’ve said was only your own pestilence.

Only to give me the strength to know my courage will be unquestionably involved.

These times are strange and unruly.

I should be fighting for our time.

Led by the religious it seems truly,

As they preach their misguidance with such sublime.



Cold and adjacent like pillars of grass.

The dew fresh mornings, a hot steam bath.

The oceans boil over on the sand and shore.

Birds laugh in the wind, we stand at the door.

Her perfume so reckoning. Burnt my nose and sneeze.

The echoes of strangers begging the wilderness please.

Our run is like the end, with immediate bower.

She’ll be there again with the store shop flower.

I’ve tried to be humble and not stare too long.

The river is empty and so is the song.

These dreams are fumbling inside the outsider.

Someone’s going home now. The order was given.

Trees fall loud in the wind swept hollow.

The damage grew strength like a walking infant.

Who is ready for the fall? The challenge commands high poise.

Concentration with the cliff climb belay.

We try to do our best in as little effort until we are hungry.

All this stuff is the sponge we squeeze.

Hoping for yet a little more.

She blinked twice and looked away.

Her heart filled up with the elation she craves.

To pretend and say nothing like quiet stone graves.

Maybe today, maybe today.

On lakes and reason the currents lap by.

The drift on the raft we’re perilous in surprise.

How silent the water and the sun and we breath.

We awake on the other side while asleep at the dream.

Going under the heart is the echo we hear.

The bottom all thick with the muck and our fear.

As we drowned in our boredom the sun shimmers wet.

Like two lovers in love who haven’t yet met.










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