Fraekazoid Skeleton…


Extending further than eyes can fathom.

Like the nectar that bees live to gather.

A tear from a smile beginning to unravel.

The feeling that seems so small stretches into infinity.

A charter driving into the desert land.

You could count all the dust and sand.

The crimson reflects into your eyes.

As the night’s stars are mesmerized.

Our notion from birth to death

Allures from our consciousness.

The questions we carry throughout the journey.

Still lay there unanswered in our infinite guess.

We’ll finally understand when we’re lying on the gurney.

Lost in infinities gaze

A passage with a blinding daze.

No time to turn the page.

Until we come of age.

What we think we are, and what are actions show.

Are two of a different realization.

We may have a desire to rain, but instead we snow.

Our result seems to mock a weak presentation.

Lost in infinities gaze…


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