Freakazoid Skeleton…


I could fall into your eyes and stay just for one day.

Fly high with the sun in my mind altered infusion.

You could laugh again and forget the reasons for your sour sight.

If you could laugh again, unprompted. Unworried.

I could fall into your dreams and fly toward your sun altered infusion.

Dance like a butterfly and be seen as a flutter, windless and catatonic.

Lit on the candle’s end as the torch brightens even the darkest tears.

Her breath became a signal that midnight and dead end decisions are listless and pale.

To the confusion hordes from the dillusions inside the traffic blurred vision.

Remember the cool winds on the oceans front.

The salty hedge grove, the days were spent digging toes in the sand.

Listening to the air and smelling time pass with the pure energy.

Letting our minds go without fear of losing our true essence of life.

Like leave falling in autumn or listening to the morning. Forgetting.

Let it go and laugh again unprompted.

You‘ve earned it.

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