Freakazoid Skeleton…


Drifting into chaos. Frozen immortality. Wretched under honest pleasures. Time to gift out. Here is the platform shelter. Dieing inside the words. Pleasure over stimulation. Forest begging to rekindle. Hatred, loving, caring, sharing coward. Lonesome lilac, lady slipper, Mushrooms everlasting visions, promise to see the states of everything. Shelter envy, the winter or the flavors. One day inside, the meadows flourish sour. Tell them, one day that foraging is only temporary. Plant them hover, ask only what’s been questioned. Hear sounds lost and vacant. The doorbell starts an earthquake. Shower, shower, shower, show her all life’s fucking power. Listless mocking, the wind is shocking, talking, stalking. And your eyes are water. Valor, viper a path down by the hyper child, child. Whose hair is orange fire wild. Distance, distance, distance. Here is the last remembered dream. Which one is the final emblem when we die. The ghosts are curiously tired. Spiraled.

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