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Here,  I am right here
Go, There I go again
In, in the distance I’m near
Then, I start or begin
Stood around the water’s edge
Creeping onto the precipice
Holding on to the thin lip ledge
Tumbling down this endless abyss
Watch, as I run
Touch, a taste of sun
Fret, the hours are gone
Just sit back and light another one
Now I’m here staring in your fear
Calculate the time before each tear
Suddenly then you smile at me
Then I’m lost inside your dream
Fly, to see the sky
Try, when you say good-bye
Die, and wonder why
My, we’re all so high
Guessing that the notions moot
Spending energy til all becomes loot
Don’t mind me I just lost my route
As we gaze and see every last star shoot


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Here’s my torch, don’t let it go out
It’s our only light to see our way through
If it gets too heavy pass it back to me
I’ll hold it for the jaunt and so I can see you
Our bear paws are sore from the giant trail
We can see our camp is over on the next hill
Once the tent is set we’ll grab a bite and gaze
The fire is warm as we relax our mighty will
Another stick or two before we say good night
As we let the allure of the flames touch our tomorrow
We’ve conditioned our minds and bodies for our hike
In the morning the sun speaks promise to our sorrow
A glint in our eyes treads firmly to the walking stick
The roots and rocks on the path distorts our meandering
Suddenly a call is heard, in the distance an eagle strikes the air
Our awareness is enhanced in our dreams that we’re channeling
We arrive at our stronghold and the lake’s breath smokes
Our silence is our stimulation, our knowing is infinite
The night returns, the air is the passionate constant
We are restless from our journey, the never-ending sight


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Here it comes the awaited chapter number one
Long ago the approach leaned to tranquility
All those miles of projection and at times despair
Fear driven anxiousness next to the best
There realmed a beauty that changed the mind
An evil hidden behind the mask of love, sex, and promises
Immature wishes lured the unthought and tore it down
Screeched in the misery one moment and then- blinks elation
Tortured the heart to disobey all the love for everyone else
Confusions set in like borrowed knotted twine tangled
A sudden slap in the face turned direction and mental persuasions
The distance greater than any challenge one has yet encountered
There the energy has come around and coaxed an endeavor- LIFE
Cradled on this speed wing with the air on the face
Set a coarse for destiny, fate, unyielding pleasures- FREEDOM
Such a rocky road and the soft paths on the side seem planetary
Always in the hopeful sidecar with the panic that there is no tomorrow
Searching for a new home never realizing the motions are just used space
Until one day the searcher braked upon the lair in chapter two
Souls were exchanged for time.  The days never stopped turning.
A new web to walk, a fresh limelight of prosperous interpretations
All eyes, relishing in the storms willful transformation of this monster
Then set free to roam in the new collage of its kissing sanctuary
With a lighted avenue to be at ease to flow absorbing the pieces of livelihood
All along with a satchel from ago, the wandering held dearly the worth
Hesitations and uncertainty latches itself on the backpack as a reminder
With a full sail and new direction to set the resort seemed even harder to find
No one to stop the trying, the will was at a heightened form as teacher
And the lessons that will be taught became the distorted currency to madness
Angers flew like a dark horse saddled in fright.  Hatreds brewed as did focus
Lonely sufferings cuddled in the blankets until the curves and hills flattened
Like the unexpected chapter three seemed to overflow from the horizon.
So did spill the verve and punishing anguish that vacancy possesses
With the spirit on the mend, so did the determination of sanity’s crux in the climb
Holding on to the energy like the milky aurora blinding the sky
The return turned out to show uncertainty, mistrust, and yet fire
As chapter four danced into the view and straightened the road forever
Even still rockier than ever before the distance was wielding LIFE
With the soft paths sidelined to gaze at the dancer’s wings fly
As the full circle expires to surround the fumes and flames
The smoke wanders outside the edges which shines hotter- alluring
Then time slips through the doors and windows mulling around
Remembering the mirror’s reverb a plush entity and then- one falls
Toward the unreasoning of rewind to See if the chapters are complete to repeat


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I could go on for days in the humid swelter exhaustion
Freed like a litter of cats on the side of the road
Mostly pale and the beard itches, midnight calls the shame
Hear the deluge and suffer the resonating politely
All the tears could dance on the ground and still there would be laughter
Smug inebriation without the subtly a flash and murmur
Let go the defiance, let go the bravado, let go the horror, just let go
Crashed into the fierce artist relished in a defiant way
I’m a plague of simple desire tiptoeing like a pussy
Felt barren locomotive suggestions and cold whipped tolerance
We’ll never be missed and no one has ever heard of us in the background
Wishing you well and  when we weren’t afraid to die
Not all echos reply in the valley’s mindless squander
We tripped into details that hurried the fever and forgot the substance
The price is not paid with blood or love but with energy
These are times to seek the fire and smell the smoke
Have an occasion and breathe liquid optimism
All blind bats have enough sense to find their food
Don’t Fucking tell me the calls are unanswered
Never mind the fucking reactions when there’s nothing to say
Who will be the next to falter the hot air balloon accent
Have another fixture residue and forlorn the probabilities
I’m delicious in the future models and the pantry cabinets
I’ve been recognized a million times and never knew any of the people
Journeyed past my taste for green smoke and belligerent bars
The damaged eyes and heart storm over the disguise
Too connected to you and change is killing me
Up for the proposed, and beneath the tears the pools frozen
I should have died a thousand times before this extract distract
I enjoy the feeling of you touching me in the swollen garbaged trough
Hold you high and down for the count the miniatures purple webs
Blank gaze like moths wet bathing with sparks of perfume
Translate the dialog having the trees submerge true factory
Personally those socks rocks and the fucks push away the buttocks
In my shadow has worn a hole in my interior screeching exterior
Clearing away the chaos and consumption I’m cleaning the turnstiles
Here is the muscle and clinging to years thoughts and forest beauty
I’ll choose to yearn mortal practitioner an indestructible madness
Sent here by the horselord and realm leader in which case the comet’s wingspan
Drum drum drum drum drum drum drum DRUM FUCKING DRUM
On an awareness that scares the shit out of all including my own fear
No drug can compete, no one can repeat, everything turns to peat
When coming home I drive the limit and push the accelerator lightly
Here is my reflection and the shimmer recoils the pulsing ballast
Push it all on me until I can contain my trigger
The earthquakes rabid fortitude shoving me to the empty hollow of happiness
All alive when I’m trying to touch you and trade it for the actual deliberation
My feet on the ground, hot flames reach to lick my porridge bantering
These Vikings, These Deities, These Wild, These Wolves
Put myself in the blank mongrel status, faceless borrowed fears and lurch out distress
Put my puzzle back together all the pieces are somewhere in the scatter pickle jar
Everyone has a power animal, the seeing know how to interact with their omens
I must persuade you another way with the open door and birch poetry
May never work and the end is always near with a vacation in sight
Here comes the circus Any Fucking time the grass always getting the muddle
Loose leaf people surround the antique pleasure that is the swing set
Wake early to please the machine write documentary and prelude
Internal are we in stemming diverse penetration and swimming
The fuck nut back shit regurge pleasure whores and loose pants crawl
Flush it all away in the diatribe discologist
That one calls TOOL


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I’ll stretch as far as I can reach
My long arms touch from beach to beach
Having one of those dreams again
Waking not remembering where I’ve been
Opening my eyes I recall the pleasant sight
I walked through your doorway turned off the light
We took to the wild to realm in our creatures
Like a pack of wolves we devoured all the features
The frenzy continued flying in the skies
Our window for convenience opens, then dies
We twisted in turn to fall back to earth
The days skim past feeling that it’s worth
All the discouraging waiting, then waking, then going
Never hesitating in the real, only seeing, only knowing
The patient is on the path breeding fits of honey
Those bees keep stinging, those sharp edges feel funny
I want to shower in the waters from the hurricane
Making sure that these dreams keep me sane
Clawing into the pleasantry and pick at the mortar
I’ll keep chiseling until my masterpiece crosses the border
Then the twilight beckons and a flash in the sky
The night is over and the new day promises to try


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Odd wild love
Frozen in stone
Hot wind appetite
Forged blown alone
Sent for the wind
To blow it open
Wind danced away
Sincerely yet hoping
Headwind facing east
Waiting to catch her
Breathe into the west
Feeling for her airy adventure
Watching the trees sway
The wind locks broken
All the branches snapped away
A signature warrior token
The heavy snow will melt
In the springtime blossoming face
When those warms winds are felt
Swirling erratic in its chase
A new life takes its shape
In its familiar repetitive way
Unleashing like a windstorms escape
And Seeing everything blow each day


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Testing the wild waters
To see if I can swim
I open the door find what matters
To feel like I will win
Though my love walled and mutters
Among the crowded cries for freedom
No one can see her when my mouth stutters
Instead I shout for the echo to lead them
I have to climb and reach there
The mountains are in abundant steep
Letting the snow touch my soft tear
And the eerie calm strikes me deep
I can make my own rules, fortune
Play stories in your mind to fill excitement
Journey we more into the full moon
Then believe we’re the last to feel enlightenment
I don’t want to just walk away
And never turn around to see you
I could call out to the crows and say
That in this world is an amazing creature too
I can laugh again and the wonderful light
On days that vanish in to dusk
We consider what’s waste and what’s right
Flowing like a dried snake husk
Emptying the container that holds the sky
A drummer is catatonic with symbols and dreams
I sparked up one to regenerate the question why
Had no answers and decided it wasn’t worth my screams
I listened to the wind and it’s furry
In a second I saw the road I’d figured out
Blanked in my droolish stare I scurry
I found that I was alone still wondering what I’m about
Thinking instead of living, hoping instead of doing
The answer as always lies within
As my progression feels it’s committment continually growing
I’ll either hesitate or just begin
As my strange rooms collide into a stranger maroon
I’m a teepee in the twisted canopy fire flew
On my back rides the announcements built with a balloon
I’d shed my compass to leap across to you
Ahh… The frozen agreements in flowered polish
Hmm… I’m almost hovering inside burnt clouds
Ohh… Crashed by the desert in case I abolish
Yeah… I can see myself getting into these sounds