Days in Deja’vu,
Like waterfalls during sight.
Possible a freakiness,
Adventure inches our fright.
Are we like extinction,
Awaiting the final word.
Frozen like glaciers,
Millenniums or a third.
Weakness is our thought,
Or drunken feeble slur.
Stoned right out of our minds,
It’s all a thoughtless blur.
Who are we to judge,
While judging is our vex.
No wonder we’ve endured,
The atrocities we perplex.
Madnes is like fire,
It burns within our soul.
Virtues singed like rakehell,
The intricacies of becoming old.
Omens to dazzle worship,
Painstaking webs.
Future death arrives,
Awake until we’re dead.
Worry only weakens,
Profusely we weep.
Awkward footsteps darken,
Like illusions that we keep.
Our action only gains,
Until we step too far.
Conquests progressive laughter,
Simulate how we mar.

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