It seems so long-
The way we play.
The things we do,
The price we pay.
We walk alone,
And die the same.
The ones we love,
Just have a name.
To go through you-
To live through sight.
And feel it once,
We, just might.
Called out to the wind.
The wind blew away.
Tried to gain power,
When night swallowed day.
Woke up in sweat-
Dead in the dream.
Thoughts overtake men,
Which makes us scream.
Death it comes.
And so I’m told.
From the left so sudden,
For young and old.
To be guided; To see-
Our attention has two.
We’ve been here before,
Still don’t know what to do.
You think it’s forever,
But don’t be a fool.
Death taps you first,
That is the rule.
Our stay is short.
For granted it’s wrong.
The price we pay,
It seems so long-

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