Look Up From The Skies
I just want to talk to you
If you could hear all my cries
Maybe you’re crying too
Have some Spanish Castle Magic
And hang on if you want to go
Don’t let the song interrupt our tragic
Grove it until our return says so
Maybe Wait Until Tomorrow
And I hear you say as I fade away
Sweep up the remainder of our sorrow
Take in the anticipation of a new day
Well there Ain’t No Telling
She’s trying to put my body in her brain
What is it that I’m truly selling
Is a mixed up way to see if  you feel the same
Here’s her Little Wing
Well she’s walking through the clouds
And don’t mind if I sing
For it’s what my heart allows
And If 6 Were 9
If the sun refused to shine
I’d call you mine
And that would be just fine
Cause You Got Me Floatin’
Around and round
Remind me when I start gloatin’
With my desires off the ground
I have Castles Made Of Sand
Down the street you can hear her scream
Let the little brave take your hand
For this golden wing ship is not a dream
I think She’s So Fine
The sun from the clouds seeps into her eyes
I can’t release her from my mind
 As reality is what I must realize
On that One Rainy Wish
Gold and rose the color of the dream I had
Like a lake without any fish
Or the ocean that stole my heart away
Hey, Hey, Little Miss Lover
Where have you been in this world for so long
I wonder what we could uncover
Don’t forget there’s still one more song
Axis Bold As Love
Anger He smiles
She’s all I think of
A rainbow for miles and miles and miles

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