Getting into a groove and innocence is rape
The possibilities become the standard bite
The giant trees weep like a fast escape
And now the return of the night
I see a shadow lingering in my pity flower
The downward spiral can also become reverse
Like when I see a sign that shouts out power
Or when it’s time to fuck with the worse
I could go on for days and watch the grass grow
A meandering posture in the window’s delight
The winter doesn’t taste like it does until the snow
And now here comes the sunlight
We were adventure in the sandstone ride
Came across some floating clouds that showered
Then midnight unleashed an everlasting tide
Even the ravens and crows became over empowered
Shot through time in this wilderness prison
Eyes in the mind, cold entranced in its plight
Arched on back as curiosity commits decision
And now they dance into white

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