Watched a murder flock to the field
Partaking in some green grass and sun
While the young are out having some fun
Elders were shadowed in the forests shield
All glazed in the visual breath
A spirit gained its postural zest
Winced into the murderous guest
Showing the paths toward one’s best
The wild scattered the rookery away
All lined the limbs not far from their play
The wind shuttered its fluttering sway
One call and they flew their own way
The silence, the eerie and optative wait
The meadow will egest the murders fate
Progressed in motion into a dream like state
Until the murder calls back to resume their gait
Before glug the flock sticks together
A resin that bonds the weaves of a feather
Running off the moisture in all types of weather
Like days that are under but far from the nether

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