Go lightly with exhaustion
And use caution upon our softness and skin
Her worship the holler
A scholar whose taunts taste like the wind
All blind inside the twisted path jarred
Out there the senses seem awed
Like the sounds of laughter piled and applaud
Winters edge as tomorrow bawled
I’m lime intuitive and tangerine frost
A desert endeavor with a joke that’s lost
Hard scoured sands with a memory to toss
Where is the vacant sign surrounded by moss
This travel plan whacked out by the path
Missed in the garden the remorse and wrath
She’s like a daisy infant a willful gasp
On a twilight encounter which make us laugh
An unknown tremor as ground shale melt
She’s like granite spires with a hardness felt
A quicksand devour slick as a cats pelt
All crimson attire worn with a gold belt
A kamikaze stew all mangled and gotten
An etiquette distraction so prose is rotten
The firestorm landed on the pages that brought him
A letter of reminder that cold turns the hot in

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