With all this integrity
But I don’t know
Looking for my spirit
It’s ebb and flow
Searching for perseverance
In a serious way
Trying to be authentic
And not give it away
Exposing more here
Then when I’m there
At home on this rock
Let the history care
Sometimes mischief and disregard
A genuine traveler and friend
And the road is always going to be hard
It’s where you end up, in the end
Which foot’s forward
Do I step or do I stop
And unfold naturally
Or let it all drop
Looking for that quick fix
That flowed unseen downwind
Somewhere in the clouds they’ll mix
Stomachs turning and faces grinned
Leaning toward this certain energy
We find that it’s not so easy
Love is a creature that is decided inside
And cannot be confused with sleazy
A dance between form and spirit
Is an important path to lead
Lurched about in a unfamilar realm
Without the one’s we think we need
Structure and chaos
Is important to me
To assert the line of freedom
To in turn be set free
Having not the faintest idea
Is life’s greatest familiar feeling
This journey is intended to touch the real
To be this inquisitive human being
Not as convenient as one intends
Intentions are the keys to open the world
Serious in that when the sunlight bends
Life is revealed and all it’s colors are swirled
“Confusion will be my epitaph
As I crawl, a cracked and broken path
If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh
But I fear tomorrow I’ll be crying”
*King Crimson*

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