Heading down the low glow in boredom
Strange how dim it is here
The flicker resembles a state of hallucinations
Control, pleasure while the dog barks again
Her thoughtlessness strikes even a storm drain
Getting on with the usual supply
The mind all twisted in a muse’s reply
Before the darkness the birds walked lightly
Out on the border her resemblance poses ominous
Shallow webs, thanks in  for the silent fire
Watching evolving strangers pick reverence and peace
Stones tossed in to watch ripples converge on the banks of my mind
Tiny whispers dredged under the assailant mockery
I’m freezing in this humid bath, a corpse blanketed in white snow
My eyes callous in virtues like polished chrome
A treasury garden, a windmill longing for the push from the breeze
All distorted as lights flash past the morning heaven
Weird tongues raped silk as the posture risen dead
Smoke will all but linger totems and power
Braised in her comfort like the hush in a outstretched hand
I’m falling into the curtain with applause
Dieing inside when the laughter stirs up vivid chants
Time is the tinted window
The energy that weakens us all

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