There is no need to identify a reason
Let the flow shadow your demise
There in the realm of imagination
Is the path to all our surprise
The hope binds the gleam in my eyes
Brazen and scared shitless in the playful torment
Lured to the lines then I retract ties
Contemplating the avenues when none are dormant
The map is awkward with the direction unknown
Like never noticing if the wind has blown
Until you adjust your gaze into a reality of your own
There will be the repetitive and no room to roam
On the fly would be too quick
Walking is for all to admire
For the destination may only be optic
And the slow jaunt will produce the fire
So dig the dance until the last song
With openness in this dysfunction of ours
And let the fear inside be just as strong
To allow for the moments when we lose our powers

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