Let the last one slide
Frozen in my timeless form
Our things are scattered among the floor
Where did we go wrong
Silently dividing all my preciousness
Putting each piece into a morbid inquiry
A site avalanches and I differentiate the pleasure
Holding tiny moments like the anger of annoying whimsy
Cards blanket the ground as her hair length molds sinew
Our caution strikes highs and lows like shiny monkeys barking
The bears are buried in the thin shimmer and sarcasm
Holding on to a blurred reminder
I once became a master then veered longly slow
I shouted like a monster and cried throughout the show
I’ve tested her ambivalence to see her strength in fear
She showed me up with deliverance beautifully sincere
Now I’m calm like a shell-shocked dog beaten into defiance
Breathing deep into the wilderness the flowers are once again flourishing
I’m hidden in the sudden notion, unreserved and patrolled
She now holds the cards that are begging her to read
I cleaned up the avenue to allow for new destruction
In the summer the grass seemed soft in the stretched out fingers
The words brought me to this echoing display, enchantment and horror
I could retrace her silhouette and imagine the unbalanced direction unfolding in my mind
I’ll be silent and watch young stars burn through the tissue of our sky
Wake to feel winters first kiss transform the prisoners which summer sets free
I’ll be eaten as the forged hills shake moist pause into the alluring watershed
Hold me in your dreams and regard your mind to the simile and tastes and shine
Almost over the invasion of holiday
The smiles are left behind the door

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