Let’s alleviate the fear and stare into my eyes
This discovery is a challenge that no one ever dare rides
A gentle delivery of soft notes that are arbitrary
Signaling non-harmful foolery in a mocking style
Burned out from aching bones tired and tried to hone
The image is hidden inside the reflection of truth
Stopping to accomodate one’s personal emotional balk
Our inceptive manifestation ilk wrought iron desire
Pouring perishable weeping toward the times to come
How daring it is to seep like noon’s molten tears
We’re all alone in case you weren’t aware
I’ll keep it right in front of the ass’ nose
Holding a lit candle in the full tornado’s breath
Arched in the residue and lick passion flowers and the moon
Hearts all flutter and smile and wonder
How the days pass, when it’s your understanding I see
Should I go and miss the bus that dusts the curb and the horizon
The rain fell and spilt all over the madness in the hour past awkward
Give yourself the pleasure to discover this enchantment
We could begin every day all over again until it feels right
That could take forever
Do we dare to surpass our disillusion
Our wonder, our curiosity, our intentions, and just acquire a flavor
To share.

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