Testing the wild waters
To see if I can swim
I open the door find what matters
To feel like I will win
Though my love walled and mutters
Among the crowded cries for freedom
No one can see her when my mouth stutters
Instead I shout for the echo to lead them
I have to climb and reach there
The mountains are in abundant steep
Letting the snow touch my soft tear
And the eerie calm strikes me deep
I can make my own rules, fortune
Play stories in your mind to fill excitement
Journey we more into the full moon
Then believe we’re the last to feel enlightenment
I don’t want to just walk away
And never turn around to see you
I could call out to the crows and say
That in this world is an amazing creature too
I can laugh again and the wonderful light
On days that vanish in to dusk
We consider what’s waste and what’s right
Flowing like a dried snake husk
Emptying the container that holds the sky
A drummer is catatonic with symbols and dreams
I sparked up one to regenerate the question why
Had no answers and decided it wasn’t worth my screams
I listened to the wind and it’s furry
In a second I saw the road I’d figured out
Blanked in my droolish stare I scurry
I found that I was alone still wondering what I’m about
Thinking instead of living, hoping instead of doing
The answer as always lies within
As my progression feels it’s committment continually growing
I’ll either hesitate or just begin
As my strange rooms collide into a stranger maroon
I’m a teepee in the twisted canopy fire flew
On my back rides the announcements built with a balloon
I’d shed my compass to leap across to you
Ahh… The frozen agreements in flowered polish
Hmm… I’m almost hovering inside burnt clouds
Ohh… Crashed by the desert in case I abolish
Yeah… I can see myself getting into these sounds

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