I could go on for days in the humid swelter exhaustion
Freed like a litter of cats on the side of the road
Mostly pale and the beard itches, midnight calls the shame
Hear the deluge and suffer the resonating politely
All the tears could dance on the ground and still there would be laughter
Smug inebriation without the subtly a flash and murmur
Let go the defiance, let go the bravado, let go the horror, just let go
Crashed into the fierce artist relished in a defiant way
I’m a plague of simple desire tiptoeing like a pussy
Felt barren locomotive suggestions and cold whipped tolerance
We’ll never be missed and no one has ever heard of us in the background
Wishing you well and  when we weren’t afraid to die
Not all echos reply in the valley’s mindless squander
We tripped into details that hurried the fever and forgot the substance
The price is not paid with blood or love but with energy
These are times to seek the fire and smell the smoke
Have an occasion and breathe liquid optimism
All blind bats have enough sense to find their food
Don’t Fucking tell me the calls are unanswered
Never mind the fucking reactions when there’s nothing to say
Who will be the next to falter the hot air balloon accent
Have another fixture residue and forlorn the probabilities
I’m delicious in the future models and the pantry cabinets
I’ve been recognized a million times and never knew any of the people
Journeyed past my taste for green smoke and belligerent bars
The damaged eyes and heart storm over the disguise
Too connected to you and change is killing me
Up for the proposed, and beneath the tears the pools frozen
I should have died a thousand times before this extract distract
I enjoy the feeling of you touching me in the swollen garbaged trough
Hold you high and down for the count the miniatures purple webs
Blank gaze like moths wet bathing with sparks of perfume
Translate the dialog having the trees submerge true factory
Personally those socks rocks and the fucks push away the buttocks
In my shadow has worn a hole in my interior screeching exterior
Clearing away the chaos and consumption I’m cleaning the turnstiles
Here is the muscle and clinging to years thoughts and forest beauty
I’ll choose to yearn mortal practitioner an indestructible madness
Sent here by the horselord and realm leader in which case the comet’s wingspan
Drum drum drum drum drum drum drum DRUM FUCKING DRUM
On an awareness that scares the shit out of all including my own fear
No drug can compete, no one can repeat, everything turns to peat
When coming home I drive the limit and push the accelerator lightly
Here is my reflection and the shimmer recoils the pulsing ballast
Push it all on me until I can contain my trigger
The earthquakes rabid fortitude shoving me to the empty hollow of happiness
All alive when I’m trying to touch you and trade it for the actual deliberation
My feet on the ground, hot flames reach to lick my porridge bantering
These Vikings, These Deities, These Wild, These Wolves
Put myself in the blank mongrel status, faceless borrowed fears and lurch out distress
Put my puzzle back together all the pieces are somewhere in the scatter pickle jar
Everyone has a power animal, the seeing know how to interact with their omens
I must persuade you another way with the open door and birch poetry
May never work and the end is always near with a vacation in sight
Here comes the circus Any Fucking time the grass always getting the muddle
Loose leaf people surround the antique pleasure that is the swing set
Wake early to please the machine write documentary and prelude
Internal are we in stemming diverse penetration and swimming
The fuck nut back shit regurge pleasure whores and loose pants crawl
Flush it all away in the diatribe discologist
That one calls TOOL

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