Here it comes the awaited chapter number one
Long ago the approach leaned to tranquility
All those miles of projection and at times despair
Fear driven anxiousness next to the best
There realmed a beauty that changed the mind
An evil hidden behind the mask of love, sex, and promises
Immature wishes lured the unthought and tore it down
Screeched in the misery one moment and then- blinks elation
Tortured the heart to disobey all the love for everyone else
Confusions set in like borrowed knotted twine tangled
A sudden slap in the face turned direction and mental persuasions
The distance greater than any challenge one has yet encountered
There the energy has come around and coaxed an endeavor- LIFE
Cradled on this speed wing with the air on the face
Set a coarse for destiny, fate, unyielding pleasures- FREEDOM
Such a rocky road and the soft paths on the side seem planetary
Always in the hopeful sidecar with the panic that there is no tomorrow
Searching for a new home never realizing the motions are just used space
Until one day the searcher braked upon the lair in chapter two
Souls were exchanged for time.  The days never stopped turning.
A new web to walk, a fresh limelight of prosperous interpretations
All eyes, relishing in the storms willful transformation of this monster
Then set free to roam in the new collage of its kissing sanctuary
With a lighted avenue to be at ease to flow absorbing the pieces of livelihood
All along with a satchel from ago, the wandering held dearly the worth
Hesitations and uncertainty latches itself on the backpack as a reminder
With a full sail and new direction to set the resort seemed even harder to find
No one to stop the trying, the will was at a heightened form as teacher
And the lessons that will be taught became the distorted currency to madness
Angers flew like a dark horse saddled in fright.  Hatreds brewed as did focus
Lonely sufferings cuddled in the blankets until the curves and hills flattened
Like the unexpected chapter three seemed to overflow from the horizon.
So did spill the verve and punishing anguish that vacancy possesses
With the spirit on the mend, so did the determination of sanity’s crux in the climb
Holding on to the energy like the milky aurora blinding the sky
The return turned out to show uncertainty, mistrust, and yet fire
As chapter four danced into the view and straightened the road forever
Even still rockier than ever before the distance was wielding LIFE
With the soft paths sidelined to gaze at the dancer’s wings fly
As the full circle expires to surround the fumes and flames
The smoke wanders outside the edges which shines hotter- alluring
Then time slips through the doors and windows mulling around
Remembering the mirror’s reverb a plush entity and then- one falls
Toward the unreasoning of rewind to See if the chapters are complete to repeat

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