Here’s my torch, don’t let it go out
It’s our only light to see our way through
If it gets too heavy pass it back to me
I’ll hold it for the jaunt and so I can see you
Our bear paws are sore from the giant trail
We can see our camp is over on the next hill
Once the tent is set we’ll grab a bite and gaze
The fire is warm as we relax our mighty will
Another stick or two before we say good night
As we let the allure of the flames touch our tomorrow
We’ve conditioned our minds and bodies for our hike
In the morning the sun speaks promise to our sorrow
A glint in our eyes treads firmly to the walking stick
The roots and rocks on the path distorts our meandering
Suddenly a call is heard, in the distance an eagle strikes the air
Our awareness is enhanced in our dreams that we’re channeling
We arrive at our stronghold and the lake’s breath smokes
Our silence is our stimulation, our knowing is infinite
The night returns, the air is the passionate constant
We are restless from our journey, the never-ending sight

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