Here,  I am right here
Go, There I go again
In, in the distance I’m near
Then, I start or begin
Stood around the water’s edge
Creeping onto the precipice
Holding on to the thin lip ledge
Tumbling down this endless abyss
Watch, as I run
Touch, a taste of sun
Fret, the hours are gone
Just sit back and light another one
Now I’m here staring in your fear
Calculate the time before each tear
Suddenly then you smile at me
Then I’m lost inside your dream
Fly, to see the sky
Try, when you say good-bye
Die, and wonder why
My, we’re all so high
Guessing that the notions moot
Spending energy til all becomes loot
Don’t mind me I just lost my route
As we gaze and see every last star shoot

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