My head is on straight today
Been flying all around the dome
It’s nothing compared to what I’ll say
In case there’s no room to roam
My flavor tastes of a spiritual wisp
That seized my fascinations
This firefly flickering light so brisk
That jostles my imaginations
I’ll hold the torch then pass it back
When my head becomes to askew
I’ll let you lead us into the crack
In the world’s impeccable view
Grounding my thoughts, my shouts, my will
Turning my soul toward the awe
I’ve tortured myself, with my worries I spill
Instead of determining my law
I owe it all and here is you 
My shared and warped piece
Letting in the spiders menu
Then shoo away the crease
I’ve used up time to gain some spit
Shaking it like a jar of eyes
Once the boggled fear flames are lit
I climb inside the jar and hide
I’ve every thing in front of me
Yet the mind is my foolish dish
I could devour all that I see
Still wanting to change the wish
I may be brave enough one day to fly
Soaring into the infinite power
By then I will only get a taste of the sky
That’s when my time shades the bower
I lend out this headwind, this chant
In hopes the lighted torch may shine
I feel like a charity is my only rant
As my mixture is a brazen heavy brine

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