I feel like a feather floating slowly down from the highest tree
Just awkwardly drifting into branches, leaves, the world’s debris
Falling through my life, discovering what all my senses tell me
As I descend so delicate, I slip into dreams that vibrate things to be
Like a child in the free spirit that youth surrounds us innocently
Another touch from a twig jolts me toward more realities that I see
My exterior strength holds my worries inside as to not let sights fly free
As I land on the ground my shell cracks and my life begins to unravel me
I try to hold on to all the pieces but some scatter to far from my memory
Wondering if those were the ones that guide my way in this calamity
I must let them go and focus on the pieces that I was able to keep savory
A gust of wind picks me up and throws me in the world floating impeccably
Now I’m on my way to the become all the new discoveries I see in my infinity

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