Free- see how we dance
You’re all I know
No one there to chance
I move slow
No one to see me ride the air
I don’t see my mind crying loud
What is the catalyst that makes us a pair
Without the barriers that can shroud
Get into this car, guitars are happy
The boats and nothing is really bought
Fill in some time tell me you’ve been around
Dig the groove let the bottleneck iron wrought
Listen to my furry like the sweat from the ice-cold sun
I could outlast you in the moon’s breath where we come from
Smoke now in the bathroom no one will find you til you’re done
I can’t wait til tomorrow to feel the hurry in making a little fun
I’m so high I’m so high I’m so fucking high
What should I do to freeze this mindless sky
So fucking high so fucking high soooo fuckin high
Am I still the same fucking guy when I sparrow why
Strange as you in a thick brick house of thirsty fish
Kill the brew that’s inside of the hue that you dish
I’m with all of you in the dawn and where tired lights sigh
Be with you if the stars get caught calling love to cry
The sunshine fills the brains magic
Feel the ocean that rocks the blue
There is no heaven when there’s too much plastic
Stay with til this gallop become true
I’ve been waiting so long for the season’s horizon
Let’s eclipse our window after tulips froth beauty
Hear the trees stretch their limbs into the eyes sun
The tales sweetly sing to the white crouched lady
Want to take her to your hard land in the winter
We were naked in the torture smiling through the shadows in our mind
Silently approaching when you come into me at lisp and a featured strong kind
Got that rainbow feel with your soul search responses fritter
Once the white room scarlet in trances black polish cobras
Hold the fire sparse in electric companion in peach doldrums
Here are the senses turn shout complacent bark in the blood night
Oscillations creep in jungles dressing widow markings and searchers wet sight
There could not be this temptation brown colored forethoughts
And darken shined glasses peer into homestead blank at the sick pots
Stink like a woman’s first spot drunk every Thursday watching each take shots
On top of the world steeling these worries half-mast and bluebird weddings brought
Now I’m tripping like the past when my yesterday drugs called
Symbols collide the masturbation dollars fly throughout transition
What way could it be if my flight began to peek and towers soon bawled
High upon the dark cloud gasping at the orange sadsack renditions
Here’s all the luck in the bad forest timber as legs bite those bugs
I’ve been crawling to get to here now I will stand and crave
Born weak in those lovely signals and timely hot bear hugs
I’ll kiss you in the long arbor smell of roses, lilies, and a daphne wave
I found you on the way to campfire marshmallows and firefly laughs
Now my heart pounds streets cobbled stones and afterthought decisions
I can remember the crying in my warm shirt as you said don’t leave our paths
I slipped and shrugged now these days are renewed like brilliant fluttering apparitions
I could have you drive my car and you could drive me too far
The love is on the table while we wander in the park
Yes I have a place that would hold the shine on your face star
This could be our last time to see the breath of our dark
What a bring down traffic longshot of pillars grunge
You know what’s in your head as if the yellow resin isn’t dead
On the riverside lunch bucket wadding at the plunge
Got outta town and followed the sea to the trades gray skies and red
I will never fall or have forgotten while looking
And you know it well as a promise of a new day
My flags are flying in my music is just gettin cookin
I’ve been around the world without ever being away

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