Distance- And the vitals still flow
Patience- About the memory I know
Anxious- When the worry starts to grow
Motion- Amazed by the heavy falling snow
Ahh… Dive in when your sick and tired of your life
Shh… I don’t want to sleep in the cold anymore
Here is where I go listening to the water fall
Undecided and want to know why is love untouchable
Of my life consists of all the tired eyes that I see
Feel my face shake wither toward the timeless sky
Now the sun rises east of the windless air at me
I hold up a channel for the flying gods that cry
I’m alive and because I told you I’ll swallow you
Feel the connection
Don’t look down at me
Unless your feeling all my pain… all my pain
Taking a step back so I can breathe
Enter the door so refreshed and opened
Shut our minds and begin again… and begin again
Crawling by the way And fucking kind
Hard to really find how this all is real
Whispering the songs that drill in my mind
Especially how the rhythm makes me feel
I freak out like the tantrum of a penned animal
Please someone seek me and control my every step of the way
If you feel so bad then you, you must have tired eyes
Getting so high that there’s the lull between each day
Back on the trail to uncertainty is the smell of life
How could anyone question the end result as strife
When walking alone you look at the ground and feet
Pick up your head instead and come with sights you meet
I could say just about anything and the avalanche plummets swoosh
I’ve been feeling like the down fall is better with a little push
Low and unguided with all the tracks in the snow and slush
Trippin over all the mistakes that realize my mind is a muddy mush
Ten ten and I’m Fuckin’ tripping again
Eleven eleven I can’t wait until it’s seven o’ fuckin seven
The slow melting whispers in my pen
Shock wasted dream this must be my My fuckin’ heaven
Never too far away hahahaha as I cry for you
I’ve been a fuck up every fuckin day
Cradled in my own delusions and frightening view
How about we get outta everyone’s fucking way
Wasted days in memory, feel the power under my skin
Taste the night’s air lips pass out the victim’s volume
Do I take this challenge to the place I begin to begin
Dry sands licked the bitch with legs shaped and column
Forgive me, touch the souls and smear the whirling imagination
I’m on the lustful lines of forest bantam death interrogation
OHHH. OHHH. No other feeling better than a hot fuck stimulation
Or maybe something in light azure and a tinge sparking ovation
The spiral is a never-ending honor in heightened observation
This corkscrew stripes the rainbow’s answers that began civilization
I will fly away and gain the peaceful odes, and verve as I stand in my anticipation

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