Stayed away for one day
Wow- My mind seems out of place
Was there just nothing to say
OOWWW… I just got punched in the face
Maybe there’s room for two
As my mind drifts further away
Unless I find something to do
Perhaps someone else would like to play
Then we are off and going toward three
Inching even decades into the sway
Become more confident with the bravery
Soon it will be the power we portray
While we’re at it we might as well go to four
As the rush of time becomes okay
We’ve settled into what we had before
With the night flying faster that way
Once it falls we don’t think we’re into five
And the memory is just about faded gray
Yet something inside keeps it alive
And resurfaces with the way the trees sway
Then we hit hard on the six
As the confusions kindles wonder and we weigh
If this quest is only a fix
From the pleasures and feelings we convey
Then at last the crown kings seven
In our anxiousness we grow or start to decay
The decisions to come we may pass past eleven
And continue our lives never looking back this way

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