I’ve waited so long to send out this one
I’ve waited for the right inspiration
Wanting only to feel like everything is fun
Not giving in to all these distractions
Vibrating in the center of my order
I cried to the beasts in my hide away zoo
Trekked across to retrieve my silent border
Like a clear wall silo that I can’t see through
So I waited to send this out for all to see
To make sure that they see the real me
Instead of pretending to hold on to the key
Coaxing me to open my doorway and just let be
I’ll fly now to the upper regions of the galaxy
Look down upon this rolling tumbling waterball
Seeing if I can recognize the worry of catastrophe
Then fly back home to devour the energy that shall fall
Feel the rhythm, feel the tone
Feel the mutterings, the beauty, the song
Pure intentions, revelry alone
Peaceful journeys, Even when the road is long
Sentimental not to touch the sensitive sides
The ones that work argue into the tides
A blanket on the grass letting the wind wisp us
As the warmth of the night comes along to sip us
Here I come again to give you what you’ve waited for
I close my eyelids as fast as I see you hike away in the torture
What are they going to do when I cast upon the world my locked door
They can see through my clear wall silo and I’m still searching for more
Bring me your supple desires that touch the rivers weeping channel
Here I am waving to you on the other side of the bank speaking Raven
Don’t dismiss the chants that echo the shoreline in sleek black animal
I’m waiting to fulfill the interested with this polished pleasure I’ve been saving
My silhouette reflects in your eyes as you strain to see my holler
I’m out of my fucking mind all the time in my suet lank apostrophe
Riding around this silly shadow of mine holding my own leash and collar
Breaking free to finally see the whole world in front of me is a stash of weed
I don’t even know what that means, but it felt like turning in corkscrew flight
With my eyes and senses intact and also my delivery was out of sight
I jumped into the unbent mystery there in the slipstream provided by night
Here I am again joining you where your nightmares and dreams clutch our fright
Can’t remember what I wanted to say
Perhaps it will come out the right way
On some other clear wall silo day
When I’m feeling the burn and extinguish my stay

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