Here on the town they divided all the lost
Voices are signaling tired grinning sleep
Talking in sin and this is the price of cost
Strange has found proven strangers keep
We’re lost in the world of forbidden you
You think that it’s impossible then there is a few
I’m sure you’ll see what the important thing is to do
But it’s true after all, the dogs only howl at the view
Small beats in the heaven part of the mind
It really is for laughter and the bits orange unkind
I’ll love you twice in the blanket horror of Monday
Take to the lake with wet desired floods shouting hooray
I was going to the past all awkward and astray
But hey, whose the one fingering the peanut butter today
Could not sleep in the morning when my knees begin to speak
One for tomorrow and the rest can be saved once my bones creek
Unhappy forest desert solitaire in the prison issued Fridays
Left all alone in the murky film plush in your rainbow Highways
Don’t miss our chance weeping in the enchanted folly resin
As the sullen breeds list painful worship like the tiny viscous heaven
Let’s jump to the moon in the river run liquid night
It’s our time to reefer the hits and lavish our poisonous fright
Just join in there’s no need to extinguish our simple willful sight
The majesty has opened the kingdom as we reach with all our drained might
Hear these people of strange rooms when the children become bold
I can’t remember your name as our smoke bellows frozen limp with mold
Now the garage is empty, let’s pull in and drive to the motions colliding in our eyes
Unguided and erect and full of a container wilt mastered in love’s oil
I have seen you naked in the air fastly panting in my directions turmoil
Turn on the TV loosen the silvery snow of the VHF show and modeled BETA
Light flicker silent as faces minding trance festering carnivals in OMEGA
Don’t you cry when we decide it’s time to say our good-bye or- if I die
I’ll stand in all your corners tempting a godly presence to mischief reply
Horses thank the stream in thirst, pouring the ancient ghosts to bed
Until we sing the final song let’s turn the vinyl and dance under the sun of crazy red
Then turn off the signs that deported blue flames that crawl like baffled balloons
When our tongues are tired of kissing and our bodies show midnight our ruins
Cancel this transaction like a cat is to his claws retraction
My friends are waiting at the train yard begging for strange interaction
But before I sleep,  I must have you here, opening the butterfly in my arms
I’m getting tired in this waiting around for some silent chant and mindful charms
Here is our Earth is she giant with stardom and forgiveness
Our wizardry shortcomings seem powerful with philosophies wickedness
Save us our own destruction and drum beat bicker as folded catacombs lie false
We are the torture from the gliding winds breath cadence in cascading waltz
Then there is the End 
Will we ever come again

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