Walk with me, walk with me and as I hold your hair
Talk to me, talk to me and pretend that I’m not there
Showing me , showing me, that you can’t stand my glare
Knowing me, knowing me, make me know you care
Make me know you care
Or call me a fool, call me a fool
I wouldn’t pass your school
I’d break every rule, every rule
Without ever being cruel
Perhaps I am a fool
Follow me, follow me into the wilderness
The wallow in me, wallow in me is full of emptiness
Holding me, you’re holding me or doing what feels best
You’re molding me, molding me from whatever else is left
Whatever else is left
Or fly me away, fly me away
I would never find my way
Lead me astray, lead me astray
I’ll remember the last thing you say
Then I’ll fly away

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