Let your hair fly in the summer hot sky
Looking up you can see that we all said good-bye
You know your getting tired so you close your eyes
You feel it coming back when you dream that you fly
It’s the lead balloons that float even higher up
Down by the shore you sit and watch them erupt
Finding out that you’d rather show yourself than be abrupt
Then you turn to me and your energy reminds me to shut up
Little stranger are you guitaring these sights or you lost
Step aside in the waste we place and turn your life you toss
There’s no better feeling than lying in the forest’s soft moss
With the shadow of the river glistening at all cost
Distract my soul, I’ll comfort yours tonight
Let me hold your simple sorrow inside my white*
You could let your fear be surrendered along with your fright
Enter my horror which pleads for morning all night
Bring the casts of difficult men pleasure to life’s drool
You’ve given in and now you must learn how to fool
All this madness makes the heart into a heavy dragged gruel
Sit high upon the riverbed now for the air is crisp and cool
Spit flies and falls as the crow calls and your sent spinning loud*
Your eyeballs bawl when the raven crawls into your thoughts so proud*
Your heaven is small like the heron is tall as the sun breaks the cloud*
You give it your all and jump all the walls that you live to shroud*
Let me know that you are ready to set fire to your dreams*
Begin to change this game you play into the ones that make you scream*
Push the limits until you become everything that you have seen*
Once your there you’ll know exactly what I mean*
I noticed when I looked up at you, you were floating above me*
When our eyes met we saw the sun shine through our philosophy*
Our minds became liquid midnight as the moon struck our blasphemy*
The day became quiet and we wrestled with the silent catastrophe*
Helpless chain that we tied across our weary soul
Has rusted film and kinked residue which was once whole
How could we replace the winter without our love taking a toll
Yesterday sank slow in medium then drizzled a cautious roll
Now we are blown away and the river is boiling mad*
Now we slip back into our foggy dream where nothing is sad*
We search for our aura and intensity with nothing to fear*
The love has ripened for each one to pick and hold near*
*Written by J Dog

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