You play me up when I’m felt down
How could you seek so far, then leave town
My thoughts become everything and I frown
Thats where I think we are so I act like a clown
I found this magic when I’m not even looking
These sights create my masked smoke show
Please wander through so I know I was choking
Lights flow webbed in and out so fast and so slow
I hear a harmonica blasting chimes all in my martyrs
Then I died in the crazy hallways that flash my mirrors
As I turn to see my children all alone without there fathers
Strength and promises that keeps them seeing their heros
I’m drifting like sadness gently sweeping the dusty earth
No one to blame and if there was it would still be me
I hear the ghost crying love into the center of rebirth
La la la la la it’s been a time to feel the real things I see
Here come the rubies and gold mines that shovel destiny
I see the dragon breathing this ember twilight discrepancy
Now I’m so alone now the rights to compromise have left me
I could smoke now and blow a lung out spitting into memory
There is a shadow that follows me on much of the days
Lonely in the edge of the life only coming out when the sun plays
The darkness tolerates the disguise and hides smiles in strange ways
Then falls asleep, then suddenly wakes to be discouraged at dusk’s gaze
Hotels stranded shitfists and leisure toes tapping songs singing
Like the poverty currents lapping yesterdays bread and grinning
Gambling decks of cards brothels wine as licorice gestures beginning
Who is the rightful patrol midget rolling moonbeams hopefully winning
When you wake seeing a thrash of madness and screaming tipped agony
Will your day end up seeking my strange breathe in your hollow ears
I could make more sense in your senses as you become entwined grabbing me
Or just be the echo that reverberates the wonders in your infinity and fears
Bones are battered and bruised like the plumes of smog hovering the city
Wretched meanderings forfeit depleted curtains that shade our sorrow
Will it fall apart at the seams unless there it much more than our pity
La la la la la la la la la la can we afford all the words we use or borrow
I should participate in the godly prayers to help me save my boring frets
Oh how sappy the crumbs taste after they have landed on the floor
I’ll sweep up the rest tomorrow in hope to see you walk by the one who gets
This destruction I shout in my blah blah tragedy feeling sorry for my unopened door
I locked it up and now I want it to explode out of the mangled conversations
It’s been the heavy ocean waves that wash away the grit and Sands
Car lean slender sleek sultry with passion my intriguing wonder in invasions
Keep me standing erect while I piss on motions where love waves hands
I always start so short and leave it longer than my body calls
Mockery is so fulfilling that looking back it’s all seems brand new
In this new world dead in our past shine that dulls then falls
La la la la la la la la la la la and eleven becomes the number for two

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