I could make you close my door
And never return my brain
Even if you felt you could use some more
And tolerate the lost cold rain
I could drift you- and you would feel no pain
I could drift you- until you feel the same
I could talk to you once again
Let in the laughter you know
And maybe once we pass by so plain
We wouldn’t look twice we’d just go
There’s nothing wrong with feeling okay
It sure helps when we both feel that way
I might have known that you would say
That I wouldn’t feel no pain
You could drift me
Again and again and again
You could drift me- until we feel the same
Hear me loud- as if the time was near
I’ll scream it again to open your cloud
That plugs my voice from your ear
Hear me now- somebody drift me
I bet somehow-someone will drift me
Maybe sometime- you could drift me
Why Won’t you drift me drift me drift me

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