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Open my wild eyes, here is the wanderings
No thoughts could destroy my surroundings
Corroding in the green grass that blows
All around in the turning wind flows
I can dream like a little child, all snug and fresh
The hot dry air whips as the long reeds slap my flesh
I’m grown up tall, see my head fall, wish this way, hoping that way
Shut my brain down and let the highway inside ride empty
Getting all the you should and quit doing that
The one that fits my trip without all my tires going flat
Nobodys fault as alone as that blame is
I will be the one to see myself  turn him into his
Here in the life time period called human secret search
Muttering jousted emotion into a river stretched with birch
I have my moonlight, in that scream during twilight
I metamorphosis into a breathing compass striking directions in colorless white


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Follow me down to the witnessing mirrors
Let’s see our reflections soar into the beauty
Completing the running time that has come
Across the sea the flowing wind cries mystery
The shine bubbles writhing inquiries talked lips
Arching in coarse touching, bodies howling
A promise in love or the significant mid-turn reply
now I’m dormant like heaven’s rain blast purple stars
The wedded moon’s blue signals die into summer wheat
The horns blow tangerine As I slip cooly into your dream
There it is again the other reason for love-  Comfort
There is never going to be another like you and remember anyway
Alright this motion afford compliance to the mountains reach
And you’re mine once gazed fingers caress kissing colors
Touch my grizzly bear savior out hungry in abolishing wilderness starvation
Who can do the things you do without being called happy
There is a certain feeling I must feel while your alone for you
I cry jaunty in sweat and become born with solutions amazing
Take the door, open children laughing and hear them rule the world
And I know for a splashing moment that stomachs twist in confidence
Prisoned in our minds we explode our explore with timid and burnt glass
My mask unfolds to parch a storm cloud arbitrary
Easy ride the rain’s bowed glint color potion blubbering our pretty
Screaming wild you’re my lunatic flower, my occupant in my dreams
Stirring the god’s eyes into glued smoke and stoned power convulsions
Coming as lovers do when heat escapes from under the white noise
Wishful blue cool water beautiful where I’d like to be
Wicked crow called out instinctive rubber rebounded folly
You and me in windy sunshine forest blanket and mirrored sin
Right back in the hollow weird surprise where the tears are dry
I’d love to hear you strangle my enterprise, my deliverance
My proposition, can you give me a place to hide inside your tranquillity
I can’t make it anymore as I search the highlands for a new dream
But there could be an unraveled river where stones get thrown
Leather roads probed toes and lunch trips of a grateful dead
Successful streets soft lines where sweet and shallow sayings praise
It going to be this way all day and nothing we say will be able to lay
Kiss the mirror as you follow your breath foggy moistened eye to eye hunt
We got a few at the edge of town where the city licks the woods
Make you sleep when we are done after our launched bodies carved memories
Why were you born my babe?  Just to play with me.  To freak out.
Or to be beautiful, my dear.


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Take form
Lean into the flow
Here we fucking go
Let out
And fall back
Take a look to know
Hey we’re going to get the distance
And once we’re there, we’re going to keep going
As we forget that we’re knowing
Sitting encompassed
Spinning triangles
Holy shit it strangles
Vibes decorate
Kindness collaborates
Edges to miscalculate
Hey it’s time to split our worry in the fields drenched rainstorm
Alive with secret desires above the totems that created fears
As life descends deceiving memories that hit and killed years
Now come here
Let me devour you
Fuck my treasure trove too
Please unleash
My curiosity
My fucking glossary
It’s making me contemplate the webbed machines coming
Hey we’ve frittered and wasted this monkey larva
As we poke around in gruesome beauty seeking nirvana


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Paged colossal
Formal and awful
You’re beckoning my pulse
My window slips an outside sight
Drawn by dawn’s jacinth light
Hunh winced blush
Your perfect pout touch
My blur resonates drive
I thrust into your alive
Meshing loves twirl embers white
Pulsed entrée
Our frozen slipstream
Lips quiver opt
Your guard sullen dropped
Until the whiplashed stopped
Barred like menagerie
Nutation summoning
Hearth supple touch
Glinted shadows clutch
Into lovers coming
Embroidered with such
Presaged or bode
Her sex her ode
Sets awe into the world
A polished dawn orange curl
Whose spirals reap cold
Bent in sweat allure


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Reaching out to searchers and dreamers
To see who will reach out to join the fly
We’re biting on wretched inquiry screamers
With only words open the door to you or I
Once we turn on the screen that brightly mold
Our creations of thinking in our mind we hold
Spewing the exhaust that we’ve burnt so bold
Then showing the world how our story is told
We envision a peace or a piece or a feel
Whether it completes the emptiness appeal
Or fulfills the energy living inside our zeal
We are exploring our muse that guides the real
Elation becomes us in our hour of finesse
We seek it every time in our lines we confess
To give an image that changes even more even less
As our shared pictured poems are what we possess


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Seems like there’s a time to feel
Only thing about it is when it’s real
I can’t hold my head up anymore
There a desolate hideaway on the view
If I can make it there I’ll see brand new
I only hope I can get through the door
Turned on the light to glow the steps ahead
Broken dreams now are scattered in my head
Love soured my happiness then poured me on the floor
I look outside now and the colors have gone away
The time walks crooked all through out the day
My eyes are heavy and my heart is tore
I could cry all night and not even sleep
Once I get up in the morning I’m just a heap
Of flying feathers that have lost their soar
I try to keep a good head on my shoulders
Even when it weighs more than two ton boulders
That roll down backwards in a silent roar
I could have a laugh about the sky being blue
Perhaps lend that smile to myself when I see you
Even when I feel unsteady and unsure
It’s never the end only once we are dead
So I should try to move on and see what’s ahead
And change my love into some mythical lore
Guide myself into the distant dreams I feel
Walk casually making every endeavor real
As for my self-pity it will stay, as I open the door
Open my eyes to a new mind and see the world
Breathing in the crisp life as my feathers are unfurled
As the bright colors return and my tears fall no more


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Let’s see what we can come up with beckoning the full cup ply
Now is the time to drink the silence and wither the foam far away
Descending upon the truthful awakening as deadly watchers cry
There is the sky hovering upside down in our twinkled blue day
Comets dive like beast skulking fruit through the gray mist up high
There is a special place hidden inside the evergreens that live that way
Hickory pink lady bugs and dried ink saturate the stink in masked reply
Listlessly loved begotten the day before when we felt young and gay
Fall over buttercups at dawn, hear the etched bless wish as queens fly
Today wears the fleece casting child like observance in downward array
Reach the sun’s floated years as walls hide our starved moments to try
Heat from the heart the chimes and the tearful, out in the basque or so we should say
Darkness is coward like leaves in the lawn until doves fly the posture good-bye
Listen to weathered remorse all crawled up contusions walking toward our stay
Then we….
Drip slowly 
down our soft
frolicking the woven thoughts
telling- strange eyes, deepening our morsel
of time.  leapt in our aching
Street lights shared as we collapse in our glow
We have no place to go
But into our changing