Sitting by the window
Looking out at the yard
Here comes some wind
Swirling round retard
A cool glow bites my smile
As I’m in a dream in my head
All I see is the green grass
But my gaze is cellophane dead
I water my unblinked eyes
Then wipe the tear from my cheek
Once I blink I jolt back into time
Then remember you’re soothe speak
My anxious inner image
Feels like paper burning
Like a drunken desert mirage
I know words you’re yearning
Bite the line and reeling in
I feel you slither as you swim
As I pull harder chances seem slim
Then I see the line is way too thin
Now I’m walking away from the glass
After I watch the wind blow on past
I dream a short sight that doesn’t last
I turn and remember you’re sweet laugh

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