There is something coming down the road
Can’t really tell what it is, it’s moving slow
The ripples of hot tar wave-like they’ve crowed
As we move closer we forget our minds blow
And we change into lovers madly outside our door
I walked into the air like when fingers delicately grip
Like a magic spell created to linger and make one drip
The humid night sticks as the dreams come then slip
Looking up into strangers eyes where empty pleasures rip
It’s a muddy horse circling the canyon dying for more 
She calls out by the river like a snake between a shrub
I told her to come out and play but her bite doesn’t seem to stay
I cold soaked the green grass background for an ice cream tub
In the reversal that make our reasons lawful we still have time to play
There is a must for a wish that the hope and a dream fills pure
OOOHHH the fever still as a hummingbird flutter a mid-air pause
I’m a white indian native man in the jungle stile american oz
Piling giant wormed tornado blankets like masturbating the was
Hearing her breath and heartbeat stimulate my orb smashed flaws
Driving down the midnight ally that floats in the murdered ocean shore
Adjusting to the new awakenings granted in the jagged tide
The currents flow distant ships horizon and gold winged birds
I  tripped like naked folly gently against the worship stride
Then drank the world’s perfume as I strangered my words
Eyes woke surreal liquid agent in murmured questions fretting more
The hyacinth smoke dainties and bedroom faces against dark movement
Houses sank sweetly fallen juxtaposition like amid treble in pavement
I need a brand new friend that shines my light on the my wanton enslavement
Like a snake herding hooves in the desert floor shadows fighting enchantment
The room hovers within our thin wince disguise through which lives are bore
Here comes that shot from the borrowed hot brilliance in our constructed escaping
We dance mosh style like angry gentlemen, braves of the force as our fuck screams shaking
Soft driven like a fierce love soul inching into the wisdom that listens to rain enveloping
The demons are the dead men shoving the shit we sip as we rise to riders we hear developing
Our holiday sweet family lie a killer’s sights a load and along that humid highway we explore

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