Let’s see what we can come up with beckoning the full cup ply
Now is the time to drink the silence and wither the foam far away
Descending upon the truthful awakening as deadly watchers cry
There is the sky hovering upside down in our twinkled blue day
Comets dive like beast skulking fruit through the gray mist up high
There is a special place hidden inside the evergreens that live that way
Hickory pink lady bugs and dried ink saturate the stink in masked reply
Listlessly loved begotten the day before when we felt young and gay
Fall over buttercups at dawn, hear the etched bless wish as queens fly
Today wears the fleece casting child like observance in downward array
Reach the sun’s floated years as walls hide our starved moments to try
Heat from the heart the chimes and the tearful, out in the basque or so we should say
Darkness is coward like leaves in the lawn until doves fly the posture good-bye
Listen to weathered remorse all crawled up contusions walking toward our stay
Then we….
Drip slowly 
down our soft
frolicking the woven thoughts
telling- strange eyes, deepening our morsel
of time.  leapt in our aching
Street lights shared as we collapse in our glow
We have no place to go
But into our changing

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