Seems like there’s a time to feel
Only thing about it is when it’s real
I can’t hold my head up anymore
There a desolate hideaway on the view
If I can make it there I’ll see brand new
I only hope I can get through the door
Turned on the light to glow the steps ahead
Broken dreams now are scattered in my head
Love soured my happiness then poured me on the floor
I look outside now and the colors have gone away
The time walks crooked all through out the day
My eyes are heavy and my heart is tore
I could cry all night and not even sleep
Once I get up in the morning I’m just a heap
Of flying feathers that have lost their soar
I try to keep a good head on my shoulders
Even when it weighs more than two ton boulders
That roll down backwards in a silent roar
I could have a laugh about the sky being blue
Perhaps lend that smile to myself when I see you
Even when I feel unsteady and unsure
It’s never the end only once we are dead
So I should try to move on and see what’s ahead
And change my love into some mythical lore
Guide myself into the distant dreams I feel
Walk casually making every endeavor real
As for my self-pity it will stay, as I open the door
Open my eyes to a new mind and see the world
Breathing in the crisp life as my feathers are unfurled
As the bright colors return and my tears fall no more

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