Take form
Lean into the flow
Here we fucking go
Let out
And fall back
Take a look to know
Hey we’re going to get the distance
And once we’re there, we’re going to keep going
As we forget that we’re knowing
Sitting encompassed
Spinning triangles
Holy shit it strangles
Vibes decorate
Kindness collaborates
Edges to miscalculate
Hey it’s time to split our worry in the fields drenched rainstorm
Alive with secret desires above the totems that created fears
As life descends deceiving memories that hit and killed years
Now come here
Let me devour you
Fuck my treasure trove too
Please unleash
My curiosity
My fucking glossary
It’s making me contemplate the webbed machines coming
Hey we’ve frittered and wasted this monkey larva
As we poke around in gruesome beauty seeking nirvana

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