I ought to agree
with you
I’d fought to see
I shot toward free
and found you
I have been distraught
limping mindless too
I could let talk
become a repetitive hue
All these eyes
All these eyes
caressing me
In wonder
how could I
How could I
been so blind
Seen ought shine
In your window
In your window
In my eyes
The same
Or untamed
Death is drowning me
Drowning me
Come to me
In my dreams
In my dreams in my dreams
Hold my death
You speak now
When I cry
Sun new day
In my eyes
Don’t crowd me now
I am you
I am you
You told me
When you cried
To let go
To let go
Now it’s good-bye
There, there by the fire that’s been bleeding
I could hold your heart
We sleep in the nights ash where love’s beating
Sun, sun creeps up into the slow
New,new day is in promise bringing
We, we shared the night etched so cold
Cold, as the trees start their swinging
We sleep in the shade of the birch plush meadow
As the sun dances slowly around our meshed shadow
Sing by the dawn when our nights crawl crazy
Love is our haze as our days stretch in yawn’s lazy
I ought not been wasted
inching toward you
Had I been hovering
in yearly paged writing too
When I touched wisdom
as I described the things you do
Laid my fingers
Weeped memories few
like the stop
caroming it into view
My head bellows high essence
The kite flies to the thunder
In the way a bird soars ancients
As my realm feathers my wonder
High upon the storm the calm breaths
Gently as if there are no thoughts
Or distractions or no hesitations to guess
As my distortions abort my wants
I’m discipline like cashmere water
My silt is dry like heavy bee’s honey
I crouch to conform and become hotter
Let my skin slip away as if it were runny
I talk to the wind
And the wind cannot hear
You are my breaths now
And you are not near
My words are all carried away
And the wind cannot hear

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