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Feeling out land and unseen
Hopeful for winter to be over
I can see the end of time now
There beyond the decorations
I could hold you high upon the mountains
The sun shines brightly into the darkest caves
Here is the sound check freak the fuck out
I may want to breathe you in and exhale shadows
Running in and shouting cold trust
Slipping mid-balk back against the walk
Coming again inside the warmth you provide
I can’t talk anymore my mouth is webs
Shit the whole pathway in bloody waste
Promise we’d never be together, relax
Take my place and show me how to live a little
We’ll miss him as he tries to persuade us
Don’t cry when the moon shines through the trees
The mirror echos our reverse then we see backwards
I could be a distinct minute that rebounded travel
One day and then one more and soon they are all gone
I look back to see if I forgot to do everything
And once I crossed through I realized I never did anything
Unless my dreams counted for the time spent
Or when the wind crawled on my skin when running by
What’s here is feeling strong
Energy walked upon the enemy
I see the monster snake through
I could be totally and misguided
Maybe there is reason in empty eyes
Lied forged faced lips break in silence
Open my mouth again I see inside
Here you lie and I touch your skin
Let loose and slip me toward a new day
Changing my mind on every thought
And now the lake is dry
And the moon is high
When we were young I
Should have let thoughts die
I don’t mind if this fucked goes by
Here you are. Open me. Take me away
Next to you- touching me- fading me
I’m trying to hard
Not getting anywhere
I’ve passed out before
Even when I wasn’t quite there
Talked to my shadow
Here in the wild wind
My old body been followed
By a raven sharing my skin
I could face him
But he would win
And some call it sin
But it’s where wild things begin
Like life and like death and like love and like hate and
Then repeat our changes again
These birds have borrowed my worm