Watch her gypsy across the world
Wild, like tormented bison
Hooves and lost efflorescence
Her domain paged surreal
Powder jimson alluring white night
Age caressing her soft glow
Sleek shriek eyed honey scent
Green garden sticky smoke
Watch out she’ll catch you crying
She’ll thumb your presence
With weird morbid magnetosphere
Using her thievery when your soul is exposed
Gripping the extreme fringes torn weeping
She’ll gypsy into your heart
Feeding on your love and leave tasteless
Closing the door on her battered hitch
Horses flee in crimson sky lavished weed
She’ll float your love until the chips are gone
In the eyes of her smile her world will gypsy away
Inching even closer when her caravan shelters under your window
As you peer out to see the flowers blooming
A screech shutters the drive intoxicating memories
You touch her gypsy, lapping your way into her travel
She frees herself with power and determination
Echoing her gypsy across the world into your thoughts
Banter banter boom you love her gypsy
Glued in the web which water pools opposed
Right there before your eyes
You gotta gypsy into her wild bison
Do what it is you gotta do
Casual nightmare pleased to feel the doors open
I’ve journeyed into her gypsy
Bit the entire world with euphoric pleasure
As I became her gypsy like a crazy wild bison
Roaming free inside her I crashed her distant land
My burning empty sun collides with the moon
Falling in the web again, stuck in glass shadow fright
I call out to her gypsy and learn my hope in to never come home
Stranger pronged my florescence deep and imbuing
Glistening whirlpool on the eternity road
I enter the crossroad hand in hand with her gypsy
She let’s go and vanishes in a slight wind silhouetted wisp of dust
I now carry my load, my piece of mind, my searching, my lost thoughts
My wild bison
Burn slowly-
My gypsy

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