You search, you find
Perch on my limb I won’t mind
If you fly away
I’ll catch up some day
We’ll share some old wind
Maybe a tear maybe a grin
You touch, you send
There’s so much we can lend
I push the lights out
In the distance a pale shout
Crawl on the wing
I feel the birds sing
You look like you care
Mistook my thoughts I share
I’m leading down the dark
The loom needs a spark
Treading tornado to play
I don’t mean what I say
You hide, your eyes
Besides love, hope dies
The cold night sleeps
With dreams in hot heaps
My echo won’t return
From your valley that I yearn
You smile, you speak
Awhile in my mind I’m weak
Then we enter in too low
My chatter becomes snow
As we’re frozen in time
We perch on a line
On a limb is just fine
You storm, you sleet
I’m not able to repeat
Still I blow you away
You’ll catch up some day

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