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Turn me down a brown on doorstep parade shine shore line
Gloved boxed bravery saw delicious antsy ambitious lame
Came out at night the frenzy forgets the howl sharpened owl
Savory white laced in baneful wish hovers scrounged young lady
Lie down into the basement drawn paged assembly fingers called the winced doorway
Piano rumbling awkward engagements pleasure ride in resides blank estrangement
Summer estival perhaps estivating wearing nothing through the water it gets hotter
Walked raced fancy plush mimic or mockery in bathroom sleepy soapy dreams
These worships fleet like daffodil’s yellow armor calling for the springtime holler
Once before or never yet inquired touched faced to face weird fireflies acts displaced
Chased the lotus across, where he waited for the lamb to cross three more times
As the lion drools the savory prison of blood in its mouthful childish burnt ivory
Eyes blink fresh food listen to the wolves prude like the dormouse talks drunk lines silver
Obscured limelight in the sun arching your hair with your tongue torturing mine
Dancing softly certainly the clouds are caressing the milky noon sky wisps by
Hearts are like high open to joyful thoughts are kindling check the sparks and drive
Whispers tell love farewells are rendered sultry sprung words boost embroidered touch
Syllables wake the reasons that a lizard minks the river’s trailing winter wash making anew
Hear mischief watching robins trot circles in the lawn as daylight breaths another perfect hour
Running out of visions to calm the demons wretched flavors collide the mountain to tame
The drum drones obelisk risen the bleeding courts dissolve metamorphosis in black pearl jam
Tattooed frogs jumped logs fucked bogs fuckhogs hoist salivating makeshift spiral pigmy parlor
Picking up the pace winning the untamed race the mask reveals the place where one gave chase
Paper bag holds razor figurines carved dreams world but it’s okay that slivers etch red screams
When there were no one to hold a borrowed favor and where the creatures called life there world
People believe hope and believe peace and believe tenaciously and believe bold and believe promise
Scarred cages quick dry alluring dogs thirst growls sensitive baring jowls rude estuary with scowls
Dallying rhyme in switch phased sight bringing together darkness and light without noticing each one
Pulling harder every day to whip the time travel spacious suffering dismay and prosperity again
On and on and on and on feel the paint applied to guide the wide brush slide in lands whose built this picture with willed hands
Fade now into quiet submission and relax in the light of a warm breeze as it gently silks your skin
My breath is still and juxtapose licking your silent pause exhale deep echoing realm until anoxia