Take hold the coming of the day
Can’t you remember the shadows are feared
Bliss and shallow
Her vision shakes innocent delivery
Vast tombs dressed flowers touch monsters in the flower scented arrangements
These dogwood and magnolia, hide still the monkey straddles human
Our bedside reaps like dead ghost dance
Still here we share these mindless outskirt memories
Dance now and silent the wolves
The mockery distilled moon shine humming worship
Please tease my benevolence, my boredom, my decomposing silt
Harvest the rain and timeless dissolve
Her blood soak religions and mortified spiritual sacrifice
The demons dogmen raped cities and countries
Their gold teeth and ravaged dead
A silent piano cheers burnt enigmas
Did you seek out stranger nightmares before you wept in angry bed whore
The mountains slew hardon bird flight
The cards of war pragmatic as lifeless chrome
American or are we foreign
Where are our eyes seeing the dust bellow freedom
After tasting the longevity our royal seduction is abandon
Fog, hair, bright flowing armor, her aura magnified my spectral
Did you say you were magic
Perhaps we saw luxuriant stars and forgotten echos
I will never, not til you, that I’ve been
Maneuvering the friend and newer stranger
We rise in decumbent arousal
Our Indian comes equiped with fierce resolve
Confusion outward dissolutions where cross-country transitions become second-hand
Hey- where you going?  To the other side of forming
My lips are hungry-  Could you guide me to our morning
OOOooo… Finally getting fuck ships and shit officials
Here come the yesterday begotten in the wild overtones and decisions
Masks are swift and quick
We shout at the clouds
And spin til we’re sick
Words become our liquid brick
I’d rather be a birdman
Jim can be the wordman
We roll into the triumph sour fortress parched sympathy
Heavens stark hump forest
We’ll roll roll roll until we become whole
Ache out the storms divide the sorry impasse
Our cold lash howl in madness wish
Passionate lady give up your vows
Fuck my pity
Right now
The end is always near until they turn out the light
Lions in the retreat groaning
Cars in the heat droning
Eyes under the water sleeping
Pile directions in the wild weeping
Direction and frozen all gift in absorbed beasts
Each connection comes once and granted we succumb to its impulse
Rain falls heavy as the road levels its calm reason
Phone calls fathoms apparel to listen thrown crow calls
Wasted in line merging rhythm, merging wonder, merging progress
Let’s exist in trees slaughtered by TV
Over the hill the moon stretches dire realms in dining fury
Clinging to despair the pasture fumes muddied lust in life fleeing havoc and fire
Who called our bluff when truth directed what honest rules dry comfort structure
Fly unto mischief or ruined false night black blanket driven wisdom spirals
Forget or allow
Haunted regrets
No checks, know how
We listen to the greater and less tragic vicious cycle
“Awake, shake dream from your hair, my pretty child, my sweet one
Choose the day and choose the sign of your day, the day’s divinity
The first thing you see.”
Jim Morrison

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